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Our Garden Design Service

From your first Garden Design Consultation right through to completion, here's what to expect when you begin your Garden Design project with us. 


Initial meeting/consultation

Our Garden Design process begins with an initial meeting/consultation, either in person or over a video call, to discuss your garden project. This is where we can discuss any specific requirements, initial ideas, and an approximate budget for your project. Following this, you will be sent a proposal of our design fees and estimated build costs for your consideration.​

Survey eg_edited.jpg


Garden survey and analysis visit

The next step is to survey and analyse your outdoor space. During the survey, accurate measurements of the garden, any existing features and level changes will be recorded. The garden analysis will determine growing conditions, how the light travels around your outdoor space garden analysis will form the basis of your design depending on the size and shape of your garden, its existing features, growing conditions gain a better understanding of your' garden's conditions, and survey your outdoor space to gain a better understanding of the scope of works and inform any design choices. To do this, I will evaluate any existing features and services, lighting conditions, weather exposure, soil type (if any), and the property's style and location. I will also measure your outdoor space to obtain accurate dimensions and any level changes. 


For larger gardens or for those that have varied terrain, listed buildings, or are located in a Conservation Area, I would recommend obtaining a survey from a trusted external Surveyor.


Concept design

Having drawn up the survey and analysed your outdoor space, I can now begin the concept design. I will produce a concept design including:

  • a 2D drawn-to-scale master plan (bird's eye view) showing the proposed layout

  • some 3D perspectives to better help visualise the proposed design

  • a planting mood board

  • a materials mood board


Detailed/Final Design

After the concept design has been approved, I will then begin work on the detailed design. 

This will include:

  • a drawn-to-scale planting plan along with a plant schedule detailing names of the plants, quantities, eventual size and heights

  • construction drawings 

  • level plans

  • any elevations (a sight line visual perspectives)

  • final 3D perspectives

  • lighting plan (if required)

  • any other plans or details that may be required for example for planning purposes

Sundown Garden without spotlights v2_edited.jpg



I will send the final designs to a few local and trusted landscaping contractors, which is called tendering, who will prepare a cost estimate for the project. Going out to tender ensures you get the best landscaper for the job and that the quote is competitively priced.

Now your garden can start to be built! Throughout the garden build, I will visit your garden to check on the build progress and to answer any questions you may have. 

Once the garden has been signed off in a final inspection, the landscaper has been and gone, you can now enjoy your new garden and watch it change and evolve over time!



Aftercare is an important aspect to consider ensuring your outdoor space remains healthy and looking its best. 

For small projects, we offer an exclusive garden aftercare service on either a monthly or seasonal basis. For larger sites, we can suggest a number of dedicated specialists who can help. We also offer an easy-to-follow garden maintenance document that contains garden aftercare instructions specifically tailored to you for those with green fingers.


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